Thursday, March 4, 2010

Lovely, mix and match

Well, this is actually my first try doing a post to do with fashions. Although Joann is kinda fashion disaster in real life, but Jodiie is trying her very best to rescue and to make us more fashionable and to be more sensitive with the fashion sense.

Here we go with this floral dress.


#1. I love this dress, a lot!! Cause it's nice, and it will be nice on me if only I'm slimmer. ><
At first, I thought of doing a mix and match on this and 10 ways to wear this dress. But fail max, cause I only did 9 ways of it. No fashion sense at all. >3<

#2. Simplicity
This is one of the way you wear it, simple and nothing on the dress. Simplicity. *winks*
Okay, I know it shows that my head is BIG. But try to focus on the dress, even you can't really see it. Aight? xD

#3. Boyfriend suit/ long sleeve.
All you need to do is add an long sleeve suit. 

 #4. Vest.
Add a vest on. Most preferable. Cause this way of wearing wouldn't make you feel too hot. But I may not wear it this way, cause my arms are muscular. xD

#5. Belt!!
This way, is just to add a belt on. Well, I looks emo. But I'm actually not. Plus, I shouldn't have turn on the flash. It darken the photo.
#6. Floral print + studded vest.
Floral print dress can also match with studded vest.
Errr.. Apparently, I looks a lil zaotut. But.. Just ignore it. Will ya? Cause I'M FAT!!

#7. Add a tee in. 
Girls who thinks that your not the-sexy-back-person, like me. You should really add a tee in then wear the dress on. And it will absolutely looks, AWESOME!!<3


 #8. The half half way. 
With a tee on and fold your dress in. Well, this way needs a pro to do. If not, you will looks like you've got a beer-tummy. Add on a belt as well. *Brown belt is preferable.*


#9. Another half half way.
This is the easier way. You don't need to fold your dress and top. All you need to do is just wear your dress and add a top on. Then your dress can be your skirt. Awesome. =)
#10. errr.. =X
I just found out that this is a lil similar with #3. Sorray. =X
But, to be honest. Floral print dress shouldn't match with big patterns outter jacket. So.. ignore it.
WAIT!! Focus on the hair. I'm super proud of myself. I did the Hair bow like how chessie did. click here to read. But you can't really see mine. blahh~

first try, so no judging.
I don't allow. xD


♥KangYin♥ said...

Jo where did you get the dress eh? We should go shopping when i got back! With Elaine too! :)

Jo-D said...

i get it frm sg wang. yaya.. tat would be awesome. cant wait. ^^*

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