Thursday, June 10, 2010

Legend International Water Homes

This is a post of food, fun and blablabla~

#1 The NOM NOMS!!;)

#2 Nice Ass!! x))

#3 The cousins. BOOHAA!!
From left to right: Elaine, KangYin, Winnice and Me.
When we first reach there, went to pick up Elaine and KangYin first. Then we went to the place where local people known as old pasar.

 #4. Look at that Winnice. LOL.
I forgot what we were laughing, but must be something dumb she did. xD


#6 The Legend International Water Homes.

#7. You can call for this if you're lazy to walk to your own room. Or just stop them if there's no one on the car, they will give you a ride. =)

#8 Spot room number 2106. Wheee~ x))


#10. Uncle Sim, the one who get us a free room and the one who love us most. *hugs*
Look at that Winnice again... Oh no!! This time with her bantal busuk. LOL.

#11 KangYin, Me and .... Winnice. ==

#12 Daughter Sim and Papa Sim. =)

#13. The ROOM!! Can you see the glass on the floor, yeahh.. You'll get to see the sea water from there, but.. Port Dickson's sea water never been nice and clear. So do not expect much. LOL.

#14 The only sad thing is that, Legend do not has infinity pool like how other Villa has. But nemai, we can have infinity pool in the room. wtf + unFOL.

#15. Wheee~ Camwhore session. xD

#15                                                                      Peace xD

#16 This makes me jealous max. Cause they can swim, I cannot!! Idiotic red aunty come to visit that day. Pissed me off so much. AND the worst part is, they even eat watermelon and I CAN'T. I wanna feel the water and I wanna eat watermelon in the pool. T_______T

Ignore the woohoooooo~ LOL. I'm lazy to edit the video, so just show you the original one. And this new blogger couldn't upload video, so I must post it up to Youtube (subscribe me, I might make new videos. =D) to show you guys.

#17 The room we're stayed. =)

#18. Here snap snap. There snap snap. Everywhere snap snap. xD

#19 I is BIG bully!! xD

#20 Err.. You can never see blue sea water in Port Dickson. So just... Forget about it. LOL

#21 I love this shot most. Why so pweeeeetty one? xD
Must be the outcome of Canon 550D lahh~ It's KangYin's, and I envy much!! Too pro I don't know how to use.

#22 Before we go for makan, guide the housemate of Winnice for dinner at Kuala Lukut. The place where I went to eat with the other relatives and my family during CNY .
And truth to be told, I am the youngest and the tallest among them. Oppsiee!! xD
Of course, the fattest. fml.

#23 We had my favourite ikan bakar for dinner. Uncle Sim went all the way to Seremban to buy these Salmon. So love <3, but too bad I was too full, cause I keep on eating before dinner and I didn't swim. =(
Ahh.. I forgot I should have take a photo to recommend the actual place where this located. But, it is just somewhere near Taman Sega or whatisthat?! You will find a big Guest Hotel, and this is just opposite the road there. You will see there's a Cheok Kee BakKutTeh shop and the ikan bakar shop is just next door. The BakKutTeh is also good and they have the best ikan bakar ever. <3

#24. Uncle Sim!! Hugs <3

#25 LOL. Winnice. Hahahahhahahaha.. xD
Winnice's friends and housemate came over to swim and we went to play volleyball. I think that's the best night I had in Port Dickson. =)

After all the volleyball, swim and pokers. We went yum cha session till

#26 Say Goodnight. xD
!! LOL !!

I still got lots to post up. Stay tuned for part two. ;)

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