Saturday, July 24, 2010

Legend International Water Homes II

Oh, hey you!! Realize something? Yea, this blog is so dead. I think I shall change my url to instead of keep using the-jodism. WTx

Then now, I'm back in action (and maybe will disappear for some time again, cause I'm so uninspired!!), tried to post another DELAY-ed post on the Legend Water Homes. When I check back on the folders, I realize there's nothing much to tell on day 2, so I'll just share some photos.

And now, I shall let the photos do the talking. =)

#?? Of all the photos, I think I love this most. LOL. The bored men +boy.

Then we call the night off after the yum cha session. =)

Yours trully, Jodi ♥


Carrie said...

Wow... fun time! Did you stay in the villa that has the transparent glass which can see the sea water?

Jo-D said...

Carrie: Yea, but there's 2 water chalet in PD. I'm not sure if you're talkin bout the one I stay in. But there's another villa, Avilion. I think that one has the transparent glass as well. But my friend who went there, he says that Avilion isn't that fun. So I strongly recommend Legend. Hahaha :)

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