Sunday, July 11, 2010

Of Glam and Madness

Chanel Inspired Bag, Lace Crop Tank, Oxford Heels and Olympus PEN E-PL1.

Gosh, I need money now to buy everything I want!! That Lace tank, I couldn't find any anymore. Is there like anyone know where can I still get it? And I seriously need to lose weight from now on. Everyone who ter-hold/ poke my arms will be like, 'Aiyer, taufu!!'  and that's really... T_____T

I wanna lose 2 kgs every month, and this must succeed. I must lose at least 8kgs before I'm off to Hong Kong. If I phailed, I will not ... eat fast food for a whole month. What?! It's not easy kay? All the fast food stores are just around my house, and goshh, it means that I can't take 1901 or even Subway? So, you see... I'm so gonna burn all those fats in this 4 months!! xD

P/S: Well, you won't see skinny bitch but a skinnier pig. LOL

I really got no idea what to update about. My mind is blank, but I think this post is just good for a few days. I shall update about the PD trip again, soon. Stay tuned.

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