Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Skin79 Diamond Collection Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm

Skin79 Diamond Collection Luminous Pearl Beblesh Balm(20ml) for sale.
Made in Korea. Imported from Taiwan.
I'm now letting go at the price of RM70 only, postage included. :)
And guess what?! Sasa is selling it at the price of RM 82.20.

I only have 2 bottles with me.

To highlight features.
Use it after basic cosmetics application. Brush along your T-zone (forehead & nose) and chin. The sparkling ingredients make shining diamond face. :)

I LOVE it:
* Built in soft brush
* Removable brush head for cleaning
* Glowing through thin and even

Email me at thejodism@gmail.com, if you're interested. :)

1 comment:

ken said...

the ladies sure spend more right? =)

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